Review Samsung Security System SME-2220 with 22 inch monitor

Product Description Samsung Security System SME-2220 with 22" Monitor 500GB Hard Drive & 8 Ch DVR comes with 4 Surveliance Camera

The Samsung SME-2220 closed circuit television security system provides maximum protection for your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simple to set up, you can monitor any time from anywhere around the world. This quality Samsung product features a 22" Samsung monitor, 500 GB hard drive and 4 cameras. All 4 cameras provide professional grade performance of 600 television lines of resolution that deliver crisp high detailed video that capture the smallest objects such as license plates and detailed facial features. All of the cameras are waterproof, compact and highly durable to acheive clear stable video, even in harsh outdoor conditions. Single cables to each camera cover all wiring needs including power so you have the freedom to place them anywhere, even if there is no electrical outlet in the area. The two night vision cameras are equipped with 30 infrared LEDs which allow them to detect and show objects as far as 50 feet, even in the darkest conditions. The built in 500 GB hard drive allows for extended recording time and is expandable to 1 TB for maximum data capactiy. With a 240 image per second recording rate, this product provides real time quality video. A highly intuitive and user friendly graphical user interface allows for ease of use and monitoring. You can also monitor any camera remotely online or on your smartphone and receive email or text notifcations based on programmed events such as motion or loss of signal.


Technical Details

  • 22" LCD Monitor with built-in 8 CH DVR

  • 2 Waterproof Infrared Cameras - 30 LED Illuminators

  • 2 Waterproof Color Cameras

  • 240 IPS Real Time Recording

  • 500 GB Hard Drive/USB 2.0


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